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Hitek Alloy & Weld is an expert manufacturer of professional grade metal alloys. Our enterprise is one of the foremost experts in the copper alloy production industry. Our research center has completed many projects that have led to almost 40 invention patents regarding the production of bars and wires produced from non-ferrous alloys. Our products have been trusted by such renowned organizations as the China National Space Administration and the China Manned Space Engineering Office.

Main Products
    1. Lead Free Brass

      Lead content: <0.01%.
      Cadmium content: <0.001%.
      Great machinability: reaches 80% of C36000.
      Superior hot forging and cold heading performance.

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    1. Environmentally Friendly Brass (for Bathroom)

      Excellent thermoforming properties; the environmentally friendly brass can be be shaped and formed without cracks in thermal processing under a temperature of 750℃.

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    1. High Conductivity Copper Alloy

      High strength: Tensile strength> 450Mpa.
      High hardness: HRB70-86, HB120-165.
      High conductivity: Conductivity>75% (IACS).

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    1. Superelastic Alloys

      High intensity: Tensile strength ≥1100Mpa.
      Perfect elasticity: Elastic modulus>120Gpa, higher than conventional bronze.
      High hardness: HV>220.
      Low cost: 4% lower than the bronze alloys.

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    1. Brass Alloy (Energy-Efficient)

      Low thermal conductivity: 45% -65% lower than lead brass, reducing heat loss.
      Higher wear resistance than lead brass.
      Provides great air tightness, no leakage.

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    1. Free Cutting Bronze

      Excellent machinability for cutting and drilling, machinability rating≥ 90% (that of Hpb63-3 is 100%).
      High strength and outstanding anti-friction performance.

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    1. Aluminum Bronze

      Excellent corrosion resistance in air, fresh water and seawater.
      High intensity, up to 800MPa.
      High hardness, up to HB180.

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    1. Brazing Alloy / Filler Metal

      Welded joints have amazing strength performance.
      Solder joints are formed without pores, the weld surface is smooth.

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    1. Copper Nickel Silicon Alloy Strip

      High strength: Tensile strength≥800MPa.
      High hardness: ≥HV250.
      High conductivity: ≥40%IACS.
      High softening:>500℃.

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